The following privacy policy is applicable for Sync Settings up to version 2.2. For newer releases of Sync Settings, please refer to the current privacy policy.

Privacy policy (deprecated; updated on February 8th, 2017)

SyncSettings will be referenced in the later context as "the app".

All data collected by the app is used to enable the app's intended functionality. Consequently, account information is shared with other applications that call the app in order to ensure the desired behaviour. This is never done automatically, but only on the user's interaction, and affects only those accounts explicitly selected by the user. To the best of the developer's knowledge, no personal (or other) information is sent by the app to the developer or any third party. The developer does not control, however, any data that is collected by the used third party libraries, which are the android support library by Google Inc., and the Developer Plug-in API for Locale by two forty four a.m. LLC; nor other applications that are given access to information (which is required for full functionality) by the app on user's interaction.